How it Works

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Getting Started

Is PepCams totally free?

There are two types of account on PepCams:

  1. Free Accounts:
    • Chat and view with thousands of cams for free (no per minute charges).
    • Use of the internal mail system.
    • Read profiles and view previous broadcast images.
    • Broadcast your cam.
    • Change your profile data
    • get the newsletters to your e-mail when your favorite PEPformer is online
    • Create your free account clicking here.
  2. Gold Memberships. This is a paid account and offer the following features
    • Broadcast a Private or a Group Show paid per minute at a rate you decide!
    • View Multiple Cams at the same time.
    • Full Screen Viewing.
    • Send & Receive Private Messages.
    • Watch Private Videos and Private Photo Pics.
    • Use of the internal mail system. (unlimited messages per day).
    • Enhanced Chat.
      • Block annoying chatters.
      • Guaranteed chat in all cams (free chat is limited to 50 people/cam).
      • VIP Gold background for your chat messages.
    • Enhanced Search.
    • No advertising, No banners, No pop-ups.
    • To upgrade your free basic account click 'Upgrade' in the top menu

What do I need to use PepCams?
  • A current web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.).
  • An updated Adobe Flash Player. Available from
  • Make sure you use a valid email address when creating your account. Please do not use a temporary email account as you will need to be able to access this email address on an ongoing basis when dealing with support, requesting password resets etc. Unless these come from the email address used to register the account we will not be able to help you.
  • Create your free account clicking here.

Do I need a cam to talk and see other people in a chat room?

It is not necessary to have a cam just for talking. However if you do have it you may show yourself and start broadcasting.

How do I chat privately with PEPformers?

Premium Gold Members can send Private Messages to PEPformers any time. Simply click on the 'Private Message' and your text message will be readable by the PEPformer only. You can also click on any member's name to send them private messages. Additionally, you can use our Message Center feature to send longer private messages to PEPformers. Feel free to use whatever method you enjoy more.

Is PepCams moderated?

PepCams has a staff that monitor the site continuously. If a moderator needs to speak with you, wherever possible they will contact you via private message rather than in the public room. Publicly or privately their name will always appear in gold and will always be Admin, their messages will be in a colored block. Their name will not appear in the user list.

How do I report abuse?

If you wish to report a problem/abuse you can do this in two ways. Click the name in question and click Report Abuse in the menu that appears or via the contact form here..

My Account

I just registered but forgot my password. How can I restore it?

Use the "restore password" form. You should remember the email you wrote in the field during the registration and you will get the information right on your address.

I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the login form.

How do I change my email address?

You must login your account and click the link 'Manage (Profile)' then 'Registration Info' in the top memu. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to active it. If you are unable to open the confirmation link from within your e-mail program, copy and paste the confirmation link into your web browser. Once confirmed, your new e-mail will be replaced in your account.

How do I change my password?

You must login your account and click the link 'Manage (Profile)' then 'Registration Info' in the top memu.

Choosing a good password.
  • Avoid obvious passwords - for example 'password', 'your name', '12345'
  • Don't use passwords that are based on personal information that can be easily accessed or guessed.
  • Don't use words that can be found in any dictionary of any language.
  • Use both lowercase and capital letters.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers.

How do I upload Photos to my profile?
  • Log into your account and click 'Gallery' in the black bar at the top.
  • You have the option to upload 'Public Photos' and 'Private Photos' clicking the top sub menu.
  • Locate 'Upload New Files' and click the 'Browse' button to locate the image you want to upload from your computer.
  • Once you've located the image, double click and you'll see the the path to the image appear in the white space beside the browser button.
  • Feel free to give the photo a description in the 'Description' area and then click the orange 'UPLOAD' button.
  • You can upload as many photos you want!

How do I upload Videos to my profile?
  • Log into your account and click 'Gallery' in the black bar at the top.
  • You have the option to upload 'Public Videos' and 'Private Videos' clicking the top sub menu.
  • Locate 'Upload New Files' and click the 'Browse' button to locate the video you want to upload from your computer.
  • Once you've located the video, double click and you'll see the the path to the video appear in the white space beside the browser button.
  • Feel free to give the video a description in the 'Description' area and then click the orange 'UPLOAD' button.
  • You can upload as many videos you want!

How do I add/remove Favorites Cams?

While in a PEPformer Page find the green button 'Add to Favorites' and click on it. They are viewable in the main page by clicking in Quick Links --> Favorite Cams.
You will receive a message to your e-mail when your favorite PEPformer is online.
In the PEPformer Page find the Orange button 'Favorites' and click on it to remove from the list.

How do I cancel my free membership?

Please contact our support team here and request your account be removed. NOTE: Please make sure you use the email address that you used to register your account when completing the form or no action will be taken.

Why I can't chat in some cam rooms?

You can view all cams on PepCams for free. Once you create a free account you will be able to chat in almost all cams except for the following:
  • Maximum Free Users - there is a limit of 50 free accounts chatting. If you sign up for PepCams Gold paid membership you will be able to chat no matter how many free accounts are in use. There are also other benefits to getting a PepCams Gold account.
  • Private Shows - Broadcasters have the ability to chat in private, silence various people in their room. Your chat may be blocked in these instances.

The extended search function doesn't work for me, how come?

The extended search feature is only available to Gold Members. As free user you could only search by Name and Join Time.

Tipping on PepCams

What is tipping?

On participating cams, you will see a tipping panel below the cam window. Everyone can purchase PepCams Credits and tip the PEPformers with actual cash as a means of expressing their appreciation.

Some members like to give tips after a private show, while others prefer to tip the PEPformer while she is public free chat for simple personal requests or just to be nice.

We encourage you to purchase Credits, tip your favorite PEPformers.

PepCams, as always, will remain free. PepCams will always be free to view cams, free to chat and free to broadcast your cam. You will not need to purchase Credits or even accept tips. Of course, you will be able to receive cash for the Credits that you earn.

Users can make their tips public to the whole chat, so everybody else knows and is encouraged to do the same.

What are PepCams Credits?

Credits are the currency that we use at PepCams. Credits may be purchased once you have created your account, and you will receive discounts for buying tokens in packages. Credits may be used to send tips to PEPformers or spent on private shows, group shows, voyeur shows. Tipping is completely optional, but is an encouraged way of letting PEPformers know you enjoy their show. As a PEPformer, you may earn credits during your performances, and may redeem those credits at any time.

Click Purchase Credits to see the different packages available. There is a slight discount for purchasing more credits at once.

What do I have to do to accept tips?

You don't have to do anything but broadcast live. Once you have performed on PepCams, in your Admin Page, click on 'Manage (Profile)' then 'Stats' in the sub menu and you can view the amount of tips you earned and cash them out.

How much are Credits worth and how can I cash them out?

You can cash out Credits for $.35/credit (over 60% of every Dollar spent on this website goes to the PEPformers!). For example 100 Credits = $35 USD. You can cash out your Credits and request a payment Clicking Here.

We pay out every day Monday to Friday. The minimum you need to get paid is $50.00 we can pay by Check in the mail, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paxum, Payza, PepCams Credits. It is up to you. Payments are sent out within 7 days of the date request.

What is set up a Tips Goal?

You can setup a goal which should be completed once accumulated tips/payments from members reach goal amount.

I.e. some of our PEPformers are asking 50 Credits for starting a show, 10 for showing their tits etc.

Where can I buy Credits and how much does it cost?

Credits can be purchased at any time clicking Buy Credits in the main menu for
  • 20 Credits for $10.00
  • 50 Credits for $25.00
  • 110 Credits for $50.00
  • 180 Credits for $75.00
  • 250 Credits for $100.00
How long are Credits valid for? When do they expire?

Credits are valid forever. They do not expire.

Can I use the Credits I earn to tip other PEPformers?

Yes you can:
  • Login with your PepCams user name and password
  • Go to 'Manage (Profile)' and then 'Payee Info' in the submenu
  • Choose 'PepCams Credits' in Withdraw type then press Update
  • Request a payment Clicking Here specifing how many Credits you want convert in your account.

Where can I check how many Credits I earned?

Tips that you earn during your broadcasts are shown in the Transactions report clicking on 'Manage (Profile)' then 'Transactions' in the submenu in your account admin. The Transactions report will show all the Credits that you have ever earned.

What if people promise something and do not do it once they receive tips?

If this happens and you lose Credits or you see video or any other fraudulent activity, please report it immediately to PepCams support. Fraudulent PEPformers will be banned and credits returned to the people tipping them.

How to receive tips on PepCams

Tips are a great way to earn money while performing on PepCams. It is up to you as a PEPformer whether you want to perform for free, or whether you want to encourage tipping.

You can receive Tips in PepCams Credits through:
  • Being tipped during Free shows
  • Private shows (Gold Members Only)
  • Group shows (Gold Members Only)
  • Voyeur shows (Gold Members Only)
To encourage tipping during Free shows you can setting goals and time limits to drive the action in your performance
Performance Controls
Setting Goals

Goals allow you to focus your viewers attention on sending tips. For example, your viewers may make special requests, and you can use goals to encourage tipping before you perform those requests.

Be careful with how often and how high you set your goals. A successful PEPformer will learn how to use goals to build excitement, rather than making their viewers feel burdened by constant requests for tips.

To set a goal, push the button Start Tips goal, will open a new window, enter the Goal description and the Goal amount. You can also set a Minimum tip amount and choose to Kick out others. Click Start to complete the set up.
When ready for start the event, you must click the button 'Start'. To modify a goal, click the button 'Modify'. To clear a goal click on 'Cancel'.

Message Window
Learning to use your message window effectively will help build excitement in your performance. Use this window to tell your viewers about your goals or time limits. This helps new viewers who enter your room know immediately what is going on. Pump up your viewers! Send them encouragement here as well!
Goal Progress
When a goal is set, you can view the progress of the goal as tips are received here.
Tipping Goal
View your current tipping goal here. Pay attention to the amount you use for your goals, and try to tweak it so that your viewers feel they are getting good value.
Tipping Details
Here you can view who the top tipper has been during your performance. Remember to give special attention to your top tipper so that you can encourage competition between your viewers! Everyone like to be the favorite!
What are Private Shows?

A member with Credits may click Go Private in a PEPformer's chat room or private message window to invite a model into a Private Show, and the PEPformer may accept or decline this invitation. If the PEPformer accepts, the private show will start, and the member and PEPformer will be taken from the public chat room to a new private chat room.

Your private shows are recorded and available for you to watch again any time, absolutely free!

PEPformer can do a Private Show only if he/she belongs to Gold Members.

What are Group Shows?

A Group Show is like a private show, but where other members may join at any time.

Click the Group Show to initiate or join a Group Show request. Once at least 3 members are requesting a Group Show, the PEPformer will be invited to accept the Group Show. If she accepts, the Group Show will start. Members can join and leave at any time. The Group Show ends when either the last member leaves or the PEPformer chooses to end it.

PEPformer can do a Group Show only if he/she belongs to Gold Members.

What are Voyeur/Spy Shows?

While a PEPformer is in a private show with another user, you may have the opportunity of watching the show. You will receive all of the video and audio from the private show, but you will not have access to the private chat between the PEPformer and the member in private. This is a great option if you want to watch private performances inexpensively.

If a user does not want others to be able to spy on his private show this option could be disabled by a PEPformer.

PEPformer can do a Voyeur Show only if he/she belongs to Gold Members.

PEPformers Questions

What exactly does a web cam PEPformer do?

PEPCams is an adult-oriented web cam community, if you are Pretty Enough for Porn you are welcome in our community and you are entitled to be a PEPformer!.

As PEPformer you will entail talking with your cam room visitors in live video broadcasting and earn Tips in Credits entertaining your visitors, making a strip, dancing, masturbating, play with toys, talk dirty or more - what you actually do is completely up to you.

How Do I Broadcast My Cam?

Once you have created your account sign in with your username and password from the login link at the top of the page. To start your cam click 'Broadcast' in the top menu.
  • In the Adobe Flash Player Settings window select Allow
  • In your Broadcast Interface you are able to set-up:
    • Set up here your camera resolution. Make sure you have a high quality webcam, 640x480 or better for resolution.
    • Choose your camera source.
    • Choose your microphone source.
    • HD Video Option. Set it on if you are broadcasting in Private with a client that have an high speed internet connection. If he would see your video in Full Screen is the best option.
    • Finally you can adjust the volume level if the microphone input is too low or too high and in the same way the volume of your loudspeakers. When you broadcast, keep the louspeakers volume low, If you don't then sound will be recorded causing a feedback loop and horrible high pitch squeals.

Who's allowed to broadcast?

Anyone over the age of 18 can broadcast, however the ability to earn Credits depends on the status of your age verification.
  • If you do not have an age verified account you cannot earn Credits.
  • If you have an age verified account you can earn Credits!
  • You don't have to complete age verification, but if you want the ability to earn Credits, you must submit verification.

Do I have to follow a schedule or work minimum hours?

No. There are no schedules or minimum hours.

Go online whenever you like, as much or as little as you want. As soon as you turn on our webcam software, you will automatically appear on PepCams Simply turn it off when you are done.

There is no minimum time that you are required to be a PEPformer. You can stop any time.

There are rules to be followed?

Minors, children, babies; may not be on camera or in the same room.

Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context are absolutely forbidden.

You may request Tips in Credits from your users, but all other forms of payment (Paypal, for example) are not allowed.
For example, if you want to sell your underwear to a member, then please arrange the transaction using Credits.

Discussing or arranging prostitution or escort services is strictly forbidden.

You may promote your own website, but you must be active in your chat room and your site may not offer video chat. Your chat activity may not be anything like, 'I will chat with you somewhere else, but not here'

Do not play recorded videos through your webcam while broadcasting.

Do not be rude, obscene, or do something unsafe or illegal while broadcasting.

Illegal drugs, or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations can't be used while broadcasting.

Do not ask for or give out ANY personal information or spam the chat.

Do not log in as female, TS, couple if you are male.

How do I have a great web cam show?

In order to create a great webcam show, check all these things:
  • Webcam - Make sure you have a high quality webcam. 640x480 or better for resolution. More megapixels allow for better range of color and clarity. Glass lens is better than plastic. Frame rate of 30fps or better is good. Generally the more you spend on your webcam, the better the quality of the video.
  • Lights - Lighting is very important for broadcasting your webcam. A lamp with a shade, placed to one side of your computer monitor should be sufficient. Avoid lights in direct line of sight of the camera. This tends to effect the auto exposure and sometimes color balance of your images. Light pointed at your face may make bright white spots on your face. Lights behind your head, may make dark spots on your face. You should experiment with different wattage bulbs, different angles and types of light to find the best level for your particular setup. Usually more light is better than less light. To learn more check out here
  • Sound - Video without sound can be very boring. Always keep your microphone on. Many cams now come with a microphone built in, some laptops have a microphone. Make sure it's turned on and that the levels are not set too high or low. Ask people who are watching your cam if the sound is too low or high. Also when you broadcast, mute the louspeakers you are hearing yourself. If you don't then sound will be recorded, played back into the video are watching of yourself, and be recorded again causing a feedback loop and horrible high pitch squeals. Get used to broadcasting without listening to yourself.
  • Content - This is your show so do whatever you like. Be yourself, talk, smile a lot be extra friendly and have fun!
How Do I deal with problem chatters?

You can deal with this by clicking the users name and selecting one of the following:
  • Kick - Removes them from the room but they can return
  • Ban - Removes them from the room and does not permit their return
When you ban someone, please always write a Comment, will be easier understand the reason if you want remove the ban in the future.
How do I remove a ban?

To remove a ban:
  • Click Manage (Profile) at the top of the screen
  • Click Block Countries in the submenu
  • Sort bans by name or date
  • Click Remove
Why is it important for me to use a high speed internet connection?

A high speed internet connection is the best choice for people using live webcams. Your internet connection speed determines your uploading and downloading capabilities. Upload is the speed of everything that goes out of your computer, like your connection to viewers, the higher your upload, the clearer picture quality your viewer will see. Download is the speed of everything that comes in to your computer.

PEPformers who use high speed connections have significantly more earnings than those who use low speed connections. A high bandwidth provides viewers with a better video chat quality than dial up connections or low speed connections. This means that viewers will want to stay in your Chat room longer! At low speeds viewers see broken up shots of you, with lots of pauses, rather than a smooth video of you in action. When you provide better service to your guests they will keep coming back to you, and your earnings will increase!

To change your internet service to a high speed one, contact your internet provider and ask about high speed options.

Can I block people coming from a certain state, city or country?

Yes. PEPformers are always in control of who is allowed to see them.

PEPformers can choose not to appear for users in specific states, countries or cities around the world.

You must login your account and click the link 'Manage (Profile)' then 'Block Countries' in the submenu, you could add a block based of Country, State (if in USA/Canada), Zip code, City, or IP address.

I'm not a US citizen. Can I be a webcam PEPformer?

Of course. We accept web cam PEPformers from all over the world who speak many different languages.
I'm not exactly tall and thin. Can I still become a PEPformer?

Of course! Webcam PEPformers come in all sizes, sexes, ethnicites, and orientations. Couples are welcome too! We believe everyone has something to offer, and we pride ourselves in that diversity. As long as you're confident, outgoing, and desire to make BIG BUCKS, we welcome you to sign up.
Am I allowed to broadcast in couple with another person?

As long as the other person is also registered in PepCams, absolutely! This person must be verified in the identity with the 3 steps verification form.
Why do I need to provide two pieces of ID to get age verified?

PepCams is asking for a first piece of ID in order to verify your identity and make sure you are above 18 years old and a second one to make sure you are the owner of the first one, for making sure that we comply with the laws and regulations.
Will you report my income to the IRS?

No, you are an independent contractor. It is your responsibility to report all earnings to the tax authority for your location of residency.
I'm already a webcam model, can I work with your company as well?

Yes. We have no problem with models appearing on other sites. We have many PEPformers who started web camming and now work with us full time. Our payout is better and you will make more money.
Can I hide my face while on camera?

Is not prohibited but this is not recommended because customers would not chat to someone afraid to show their face, especially when other PEPformers are not hiding. If you are too embarrassed to be recognized by someone you know, we suggest to block the access at your webcam at all people coming from your IP, city, state or at least even your country!
PepCams doesn't work with my Internet Explorer/Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Opera browser

PepCams does work with these browsers. The most common cause of problems people experience are Add-ons that have been installed into the browser. To test this please complete the following.
  1. Disable all addins other than Flash. PepCams should now work normally.
  2. Restore your addins one at a time, testing PepCams each time. Once the problem occurs again the last plugin that was restored is the cause of the problem.

To locate your addin manager:
  • Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon (top right), Select Manage Add-ons then Toolbars and Extensions, enable or disable in this screen.
  • Safari: Click the gear icon (top right), Select preferences then extensions, turn on or off in this screen.
  • Chrome: Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Enable or disable as required.
  • Firefox: Click Tools then Add ins and disable from the following screen.
  • Opera: Click the Opera tab at top left side, then Extensions and Manage Extensions, disable from the following screen.
What else can I do to improve my video Chat room picture quality?

When you're in your video Chat room you should make sure that all other applications are closed. If you are logged on to applications that download or upload large amounts of information, or are sharing your internet line with other computers, you will have a slower and lower quality picture in your video Chat room.

I Have Problems Viewing or Broadcasting Cams
  • Internet Connection: Check that your internet connection is fast enough. A slow internet connection will cause the cams to load slowly. It may seem like it will not load but you need to be patient and wait. Closing other programs will improve the speed of the loading, broadcasting, and viewing of cams. Watching only one cam at a time will improve the speed. Not watching cams while broadcasting will improve the speed of your broadcast.
  • Install the latest Flash plug-in: The Adobe flash plug-in can become corrupted for a variety of reasons. It's always a good idea to install the latest version. The latest version can be found here
  • Check your firewalls: If you have recently done a windows update, including any security updates, check that the windows firewall hasn't been switched back on as it can stop you from viewing and broadcasting your cam.
  • Latest browser: Upgrade your browser to the latest version. Also a different browser may work better with your computer. Try Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can find the latest versions here Get Microsoft Internet Explorer & Get Firefox
What are HD cams?

High definition video or 'HD' is a higher resolution, larger-sized video stream. If you have a broadband connection, such as cable or DSL, this is one more feature for you to enjoy on PepCams! When you see the HD icon next to a PEPformer's name, this indicates that they are streaming high definition video. If you are a Gold Member tryout the Full Screen Video option, you'll be surprised by the video quality.

Privacy Questions

Is my information safe with you?

Our join form, and any forms on our site where you enter credit card information are completely safe and sent using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a form of safely encrypted communication that passes between your computer and the bank's system. No one has access to your information other than the trained PepCams staff.

We will not sell, trade, or give your information out to third parties. To better safeguard your privacy, we recommend that you do not use any part of your email address as your site nickname.

PepCams staff will never ask for your account or credit card information in a chat room. You should NEVER give that information to PEPformers or other visitors in the chat rooms. PEPformers do not have access to your account or billing information. If there is a problem with your account we will always have you contact us or our billing company personally. The name of your billing company is provided to you upon entering any paid area of the site.

If a PEPformer or anyone else asks you for sensitive information by way of chat or email, please contact us about it immediately as this is against our policy.

What do you do with my contact information?

Your address information is requested by the credit card payment processors to validate your credit card information. Those information are kept and stored in safe way by third-party payment processors and NOT stored in our servers.
If you are a PEPformer and you have requested to be paid for the incomed credits, your personal information will never be used for anything other than your initial approval, setup, and processe payments, and we never release it to anyone unless absolutely required to do so by court order.

What do you need my email address for?

We use your address to email you your account information, such as your nickname or password. Changes you make to your account may be sent to your registered email address, as well as billing receipts. We may also periodically use email to send you newsletters or special offers about the site.

Your email address is not displayed on our site, and our PEPformers do not know your address. Your email address will not be sold or given to third parties. We will only use your email address to contact you regarding your PepCams account. If at any time you wish to quit receiving email newsletters from us, simply click the remove link included in the email.

Disclaimer: All members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years of age or older.
18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement